Bitcoin’s Eternal September

Map of ARPANET the year Usenet was connected Source: MIT

“It’s moot now. September 1993 will go down in net.history as the September that never ended.”

Eternal September was born as a new culture began to take over the fringe users of Usenet.

Segway founder (left) with Amazon founder (right) during the dot com bubble. Source
FUD Dice Source: Bitcoinist
  1. The PC was now accessible for most people as an onramp to the internet
  2. Dial up connectivity was mostly ubiquitous as it was transmitted over phone lines
  3. Regulatory clarity under the US Munitions Law
  4. Netscape and AOL found a way to package up the necessary components and put it in a box
  1. Smartphones that are widely accessible for people globally
  2. 4G and 5G connectivity is widely deployed and Starlink is scaling quickly.
Newspaper about Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador. Source: Reddit



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Raymond Durk

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